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    Who We Are

    We are family run company that finds skilled craft people of the Appalachian Mountains to provide unique, handmade items. Our aim is to build a community that showcases and supports Appalachian craft people.

    Why We Started

    We  started as a small woodworking shop located on Sugar Mountain in Western North Carolina. In our shop you would most likely have found us piecing together reclaimed barn wood for table tops or finding new ways to display old lumber. Woodworking and Appalachian craftsmanship has been a part of our family for many years and we work very hard to carry on the tradition.

    Our mountain area is filled with many skilled crafts people having "How To Make" knowledge passed down from generations . We decided to remodel our company to include them. Our intention is to build a community that reveals these unique, handmade items to our neighbors and help sustain small Appalachian craft companies and culture.

           Sugar Mountain Craft's woodshop and homestead are located on land that has a unique family history. For generations, an apple orchard and sheep settled on this mountain side. Now, Grant and Sarah have chickens and honeybees, and they grow most of their vegetables on the rich pasture land. The old blacksmithing forge and woodshop have since been torn down. However, Ed, designed and recreated our current woodshop in 2012 where we currently build furniture. Delene finds enjoyment working in the garden and cooking home grown vegetables.